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Room filling beams to dazzle the crowds the larger the room the longer and wider the beams will go.

The white glow on the tables is created by the 400 watt UV cannon and brings any room to life as well as anyone wearing white.

Laser cluster

The tri colour laser cluster is a great way to fill a room with hundreds of small beams.  Click on the image for a larger view or watch our Youtube video at the bottom of this page to see the full lighting range in action.

Accompany the laser with our 400 watt Ultra Violet Cannon for a full room UV wash.

For those on a smaller budget who would like a Disco in it’s full glory but without the DJ or have a DJ but need equipment then this is the solution for you.  Each PA speaker and lighting hire package is designed to suit your venue size and includes all cables, amplifiers and basic stands, you can add in as much Sound and Lighting or little as you want.  Why not include a mixer which incorporates a simple plug and play connection for your Apple, Android  or other media device.  This way you can compile all your tracks you wish to play and let them run all night through the speakers without the need for technical training or a DJ allowing you to have a party on a budget.  Our Speaker and lighting hire is suitable for small intimate parties right through to large parties over 500 with a variety of configurations to compliment various venues and applications.  

Enhance your Wedding Venue with our up-lighting packages  which transform your room into  a sophisticated and warm space.  Each up lighter has individual control where we can set to the colour scheme of your wedding and programme to either scroll through different colours, place in static mode or provide a unique show when the night time entertainment starts.


PSL Rebus Disco light

The Martin T-Rex with haze.

Martin T-Rex Disco light

Martin Lighting is considered the industry standard choice for the largest venues in the world, with professional build and output quality you don’t get much better than the Martin Wizard or T-Rex.

Both light fixtures are designed to create a centrepiece to your party which spread various beams on a wide angle projection across the room.  Great without haze but memorizing with haze in the atmosphere.

Don’t forget we hire haze machines

Abstract Twister 4

The Abstract Twister 4 is a simple but effective moonflower which gyrates to the music and follows a sequence of inbuilt programmes.  Why not hire two of these units at a reduced rate and link them together for a synchronised show.

The Italian made Rebus is a good wide angled light which sends beams scattering across the dance floor changing colour and direction to the music.

Two great lights to accompany any party

A standard Sound and Lighting hire package for small to medium venues including our up lighters and Lighting stand scrims which hide the cables and add a touch of uniqueness to your party.

Sound and Lighting hire
Tri colour laser cluster UV Cannon Lighting hire Martin Wizard Disco light Martin T-Rex Disco light beams

One of the classic lights of the pre LED market is the Abstract VR4 Intelligent scanner.  A nice Club style light with constantly changing colours and shapes.

Why not hire 4 so we can link these together for a synchronised show via the in built programs.

Note: We also do an elite package consisting of our large PA Celestion Speaker system and a fully programmed light show.  These are quoted individually due to consultations with client needs.

Abstract Scanners.  Up to 4 scanners can be linked together and run as either sound to light or fully programmed into a professional show.

Abstract VR4 Scanner ADJ Mega tri par led Shakespear Hotel Stratford Upon Avon ball room

For small to Medium Parties try our RCF Italian made Professional performance speakers rated at 250 watts RMS they have ample power and bass to get any party started.


For big punch and long throw bass why not hire out Celestion twin 18 inch bass bins and Midrange tops.  The bass bins are rated at 1200 Watts each and Midrange at 275 watts RMS.  That's a total music power  of 14000 Watts.  This system is loud and suitbale for applications where Dance Music or large stage work is required.

RCF Speaker HireCelestion Martin Audio PA HireCelecstion Bass Bins

One side of our Celestion Speaker Hire system in situ at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth.

Sound Equipment, Stands and Media Players

The first speaker image below left is our RCF Italian made 3 way full range speaker, which boasts a total of 275 watts continuous music power.  The 15 inch bass driver and 10 inch mid is ample for small to medium size rooms up to 150 people.  Click on the image for a larger view

The third speaker system is our signature sound reinforcement system and packs a total of 14000 watts total music power and can be supplied with various configurations.  The 4 satellite speakers are rated at 275 watts continuous power and have a variety of uses from small to large venues with or without the accompanying bass bins.

In need of Music for your party as well as Sound and Lighting Hire we ask?  Well we have the solution for you.  Hire our complete Media case which includes a mixer and input for your Music device which could be laptop, Ipod, Android device or docking station.  We offer USB and mini jack connectivity.  The mixer does not need any complex operating and can be left to run all night with at your desired level.  

Multi Media Music player Radio Mic Hire Truss Bridge Hire

The complete setup

The Shakespear Hotel Stratford

You can view our range of lighting and PA Speaker hire below.  Please click on the images to the left to see a large view of each light or speaker  The minimum spend is £75 and includes delivery, setup and same night collection within a 20 mile radius of Coventry West Midlands.  For PA Sound and Lighting hire outside a 20 mile radius of Coventry an additional charge of £0.50 per mile is charged up to a maximum 40 mile radius from Coventry West Midlands.  Please see below for our range of Sound and Lighting.  If you want to see the lights in actions then please visit our Youtube Channel or click on the video links below so you have a visual on what the light does. You can view the prices by clicking here or to book please fill use our booking form at the top of this page.


Sound and Lighting Hire is a cost effective way of providing private parties or your Event with Professional equipment and can supply to all of Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

If you have any questions over any of the PA Speaker and Lighting Hire packages please feel free to ask.  Our Sound and Lighting is made by the best suppliers in the hire industry and provide Professional quality Sound and Lighting Hire at realistic prices.

Because there are so many variations in what sort of Lighting or PA Hire you need it’s often best to chat with us first before making any decision on what Speaker Hire or Lighting package you need for example.

You may decide you want to hire the Large PA system to give your venue a bass boost but the room only holds 80 people.  Well this wouldn't be the best PA hire and would recommend the smaller speaker hire package from RCF.

Equally you may have a large event and are seeking a big PA Speaker system and lots of lighting hung on a truss bridge.   We have a solution for most Sound and Lighting requirements so please do get in touch so we can assist.

One of our most popular Lighting hire packages if the up-lighting or mood lights as these cover a wide spectrum of applications such as Wedding Up-Lighting for your Wedding day or to up-light the outside of a building or specific sections of a room.  With our up-lighting packages the more light you hire the cheaper the hire becomes for each unit.