There are so many scenarios to mention on this page in terms of your “what, where and when” requirements .  You can find a couple of these options below in our package deals and have enlisted the most common choices people tend to want.  As each Event and Venue has  varying opening hours  and late licences we suggest you e-mail or call us to discuss options.

You have or you are:

If you would like some help arranging a night through either equipment supply or promotion we can help as we have training in this area. Call 07789828110

* Specialist Event Insurance may be required if we are acting as a promoter

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with the legendary Coco Bongos Nightclub.

Over the years I have held residency nights in Bars and clubs and now choose to take the club to a place near you.  Our aim is to bring the Nightclub Dance DJ experience to venues around the West Midlands and Warwickshire.  If you are looking for a more non traditional set up for your Event with dedicated Dance Music or need to pull out all the stops with a large Sound and Lighting rig with Club DJ or you are hosting a night and would like to hire some of our Speakers and Lighting kit, the options are all here.

I have enjoyed playing all styles and genres of Dance Music from the original days in the late 80’s right through to today, and believe experienced DJ ‘s should be creative and cater for a wider spectrum than specific dance categories.  Of course we cater to your needs so if you would like a funky and uplifting house night then we are cool with that.   Click or hover over the below image to find out more.  

Welcome to our Dance music DJ music hire for nightclubs and private events including sound and lighting for Warwickshire and the West Midlands

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